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'Commissioning a piece of artwork is a collaborative and easy process. A good personal relationship between artist and client is important to producing a truly unique and satisfying piece of work."

Charlie Parker

The steps to commission a piece of original artwork are as follows:

Step 1: Phone or e-mail Charlie Parker, resulting in a discussion about the proposed artwork.

Phone number: 0777 643 5094. E-mail contact:

Step 2: As most artwork is produced from photographs (most people don’t have the time to sit for the time required), Charlie would prefer to spend some time taking photographs of the subject. If this is not feasible, then photographs provided by the client can be used.

Step 3: After signing an agreement and the payment of a deposit, work can commence.

Although Charlie has a real interest in portraiture, as can be seen from the web-site, he also enjoys working on other subjects. From wedding anniversaries gifts to birthday presents or Christmas gifts, there are many special occasions when a surprise novel gift idea like this will be just right.

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